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European Iaido Championships 2022

European Iaido Championships EIC 2022 Modena

Luglio 17, 2022

European Iaido Championship 2022 Modena

Website creation, logo, custom graphics, for a European sporting event.

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For the European Iaido Championships that will take place in Modena from 2 to 4 September 2022, the Italian Kendo Confederation (CIK) asked Special For You: the creation of the logo, the website, all the communication, the creation of the photos and videos of the sporting event.

EIC 2022 Modena European Iaido Championships WebSite


We have developed and implemented, in a short time, a complete communication project:

  • logo
  • Sito Web
  • Leaflet 
  • Brochure 
  • Badges
  • Bag
  • Merchandising
  • Photo & Video

EIC 2022 Logo

The logo is the stylized drawing, within a tsuba, of the rose window on the façade of the Cathedral, that is the symbol of the Modena city, with the coloursof the European, Japanese and Italian flags.

Logo EIC2022 - download

Download here the EIC2022 LOGO (European Iaido Championship) Modena 2022

Il logo EIC2022 è un marchio registrato ed è di proprietà della Confederazione Italiana Kendo. Qualsiasi utilizzo non autorizzato sarà perseguito a termini di legge. 


EIC2022 logo is a registered trademark and is owned by the Confederazione Italiana Kendo. Any unauthorized use will be prosecuted according to the law. 

Video Concept

Find out how the logo was created.

Poster of the European Championships in Iaido 2022

Download here the Poster of the EIC2022 (European Iaido Championship) Modena 2022

Custom T-shirts EIC2022 Modena

Personalized tshirt for the European Championships in Iaido 2022 Modena
eicmodenna22 tshirt

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